CIT is official University center and provider for development and application of e-learning and teleconferencing.


Center for Information Technologies (CIT), led by Professor Dr Nenad Grujovic, is a part of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Kragujevac. CIT was founded in 2002, by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Kragujevac, Serbia. Primary activities of the Center are focused at:

Research and development in the area of information technologies, engineering software and designing and implementation of computer operated systems, especially in area of information systems building and hydroinformatics.

Organizing of educational activities in the spheres of information technologies, engineering software and designing and implementation of computer operated systems.

Publication activities (printed materials, electronic multimedia releases - CD, DVD, internet and eLearning contents). Its basic development dates back several decades and is based on fundamental research conducted at the University of Kragujevac in collaboration with world renowned institutions such as: M.I.T., the Technical University of Athens, the Imperial College, Harvard University, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Nanyang Technological University Singapore, and in conjunction with domestic and foreign industry.

CIT have a great experience in TEMPUS programme as project coordinator and also with administering large EU projects.

First Prize
For its activities CIT has gained many acknowledgments for its work among which is the First Prize at Microsoft's Imagine Cup 2008, Serbia National Competition, for FEAT project, with CIT's Cluster team led by Prof. Grujovic and qualified for Paris World Imagine Cup 2008 Final Contest Comment

Advanced System Simulation and Analysis (Complex System Modeling and Simulation, Simulation in the Social Sciences and Economics)

Engineering and Components - IT and Services (Case studies of Business Solutions and Components - ERP, CRM, HCM, etc.) Comment


Service Management (Understanding Services, Designing the Service Enterprise, Structuring Managing Service Operations)

Management of Supply Networks for Products and Services (Supply Chain Management, Service Vision and Characteristics, Service Encounter and Guarantees, Creating and Sustaining Excellence, Introducing a New Service in a Distributed Environment, Inventory Management, Procurement and Outsourcing, Supply Chain Management)Comment